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Micronization at its Finest

For over 30 years, Microsize has been a pioneer in enhancing dissolution and bioavailability of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) via particle size reduction using micronization technologies.

APIs Processed

Production Campaigns

Largest US Micronization Footprint

Years of Experience

Years of Successful FDA Inspections

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Particle Size Reduction:

Micronization & milling


Particle Classification:

Multiple screening technologies

Analytical Characterization:

Laser diffraction and morphology techniques

The Microsize Advantage

Decades of Experience

Hundreds of APIs processed in thousands of campaigns

Unparalleled Depth of Expertise

Pioneers in micronization technology

Largest US-based Footprint

Three facilities, >100,000 sqft, FDA inspected

World Class Containment Technologies

Hard wall and single use technologies for HPAPI

High Touch, Low Bureaucracy

Focused on relationship and speed

Enhanced Bioavailability: Accelerated

First-Choice Technology

Fastest approach to improving bioavailability and solubility

Streamlined Regulatory Pathway

Low regulatory risk; Implemented in numerous IND and NDA filings

Readily Scalable

Proven from grams to tons; limited variables of scale enhances speed

High Yielding

High throughput with minimal losses means competitive costing

Superb Precision/ Reproducibility

Narrow Gaussian PSD curves enhances quality and performance

Operating from a 100,000 square foot, US-based, state-of-the-art, FDA inspected facility, Microsize has the experience and capabilities to rapidly develop, scale up, and process APIs and excipients ranging from grams to multi-metric tons, including highly potent compounds.

Microsize is THE partner of choice from biotechs to big pharma, and is recognized for its speed, responsiveness, and high customer-touch business model. When it comes to your toughest dissolution and bioavailability challenges...

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